Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Entry 4: Rozlindah binti Onn

Rozlinda Onn, better known as Linda Onn was born at the date of 26 November 1977 in Singapore. She is an actress who starred in many films in Pakistan. She was a presenter at the Era FM radio broadcast 16:00 to 08:00. It also works in the business of chicken rice, My Mother Chicken Rice. How far has four businesses MMCR. Place acts, and DJs, Linda also try tame in singing and hosting.

Her movies, such as questionnaires Heart (2000), Question Who (2002), Mad Ball (2003) and Let the Right (2004). Sing is Do It Again, a duet with KRU, Tipah Tertipu Ruffedge Remix, Shoulder to Shoulder - Dj era (Nana , Nila, Farah Fauzana) (2005) drama, Datin Diaries (2007), Apple Women - Psycho Company Law, Ask Linda on Astro Ria, FFFM TO 19, Awards Era (2005-2006), Charity Dinner Show with Anuar Zain & Ziana Zain - Istana Hotel, KL (2006), host with beauty products Erra Erra's 'Meilyana KOSMOLOOK' products (2006) Advertising and the Power Root. He received the award, Jangkar Radio Women in Popular Berita Harian Anugerah Bintang Popular by six consecutive call Linda Onn insisted refused to apologize to Fahrin Ahmad said the two given the former lover. The statement given to The Star newspaper reporter was a clear case.

Linda has worked at Suria FM konti and ready to counsel Datuk Hazman Ahmad to fend off the fit with Fahrin. Fahrin a double for Linda to make a public statement apologizing to town Friday, January 29, 2010 on charges that Chin said Fahrin temperamen and beat feet. Fahrin concerned with the allegations because he is an actor, and also as ambassador of the product.

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