Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Entry4: Oprah Winfrey

Role model is a someone who can be followed for someone else. He or her that been followed is a good person for public and for country. For me, Oprah Winfrey is my role model. She came from a humble background to become one of America's most influential women. From naive family, she built herself to be one of number one talk show at America. Her father inspired to make her better for future. Then they move to Tennessee. There she began the career as anchor and reporter, then to the early morning talk show. She earn so much money and what make her famous is a donation to Haiti victim, tsunami at Indonesia and help for donation to rebuilt a houses for storm victim at Texas, USA. At talk show that handled by her, she talk most about a life that can inspire to anyone that watching or attend at the studio. It was a great talk show to be watch because all her fans can feel what she said. So for me Oprah Winfrey is the best role model.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Entry 4: Rozlindah binti Onn

Rozlinda Onn, better known as Linda Onn was born at the date of 26 November 1977 in Singapore. She is an actress who starred in many films in Pakistan. She was a presenter at the Era FM radio broadcast 16:00 to 08:00. It also works in the business of chicken rice, My Mother Chicken Rice. How far has four businesses MMCR. Place acts, and DJs, Linda also try tame in singing and hosting.

Her movies, such as questionnaires Heart (2000), Question Who (2002), Mad Ball (2003) and Let the Right (2004). Sing is Do It Again, a duet with KRU, Tipah Tertipu Ruffedge Remix, Shoulder to Shoulder - Dj era (Nana , Nila, Farah Fauzana) (2005) drama, Datin Diaries (2007), Apple Women - Psycho Company Law, Ask Linda on Astro Ria, FFFM TO 19, Awards Era (2005-2006), Charity Dinner Show with Anuar Zain & Ziana Zain - Istana Hotel, KL (2006), host with beauty products Erra Erra's 'Meilyana KOSMOLOOK' products (2006) Advertising and the Power Root. He received the award, Jangkar Radio Women in Popular Berita Harian Anugerah Bintang Popular by six consecutive call Linda Onn insisted refused to apologize to Fahrin Ahmad said the two given the former lover. The statement given to The Star newspaper reporter was a clear case.

Linda has worked at Suria FM konti and ready to counsel Datuk Hazman Ahmad to fend off the fit with Fahrin. Fahrin a double for Linda to make a public statement apologizing to town Friday, January 29, 2010 on charges that Chin said Fahrin temperamen and beat feet. Fahrin concerned with the allegations because he is an actor, and also as ambassador of the product.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Entry 4: Tun Dr. Mahathir

Role model is someone who made a good example to follow. So, I also try to make myself better by choosing someone as a guide in my life with hope of a successful nation.

I have chosen Tun Dr. Mahathir as an icon in my life as someone who ought to emulate. This is because he is successful in terms of various economic, political and social. He is respected worldwide for his wisdom in governing the nation.

There is little about the background of my role models. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, was born on December 20, 1925; also known as "Dr. M "and the asker's name is Che Det's fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. During the term of leadership of the July 16, 1981 until October 31, 2003, he lead the country towards modernization is very fast and result in prosperity in all walks of Malaysia and the Malays can.

Best achievement is its ability to maintain peace and harmony in a multiracial country by maintaining a middle class Malays. However, he is criticized for the autocratic style of rule and is accused of cronyism. Dr Mahathir has been associated with the development of mega projects at the time of his reign as the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the Multimedia Super Corridor (Multimedia Super Coridor / MSC).

Because of the success he has showed himself qualified to be an icon in the life. So far Malaysia has developed rapidly due to a person who is blessed God for my homeland.

Entry 4: Aznil Hj. Nawawi

I choose Aznil Nawawi as my role model, because Aznil is a local artist who is not a lot of gossip, has a good temperament, good to make jokes, and a good television show host. Although he has been in the industry of art, not a lot of gossip that he heard about the bad. What makes me wonder about him is he is good at controlling situations and clever tone up the situation, when he be a host for television programs. For example, while he was host of the Academy Fantasia program, where he is very smart and create a happy atmosphere at the end of the show was about to change the sad situation and he is also good at taking the audience.

Aznil was born in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. He graduated from University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Economics degree. He started his career in 1990 as a broadcaster and a media reporter with TV3.He first started doing news in broadcasting industry, then MOVED to hosting in 1992. Pop Quiz was the first program he Hosts. In 1994, he hosted Teleskop.He melody and then made the move to Astro Ria channel television, which also marked his entry as creative director For the channel. One of his more popular projects is his Involvement with the reality program Akademi Fantasia.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Entry 3: Movie Review

This story is about a battalion of American soldier to take down a group of communist who terrorized at a village in Vietnam. They track the terrorist through the jungle. When they found the terrorist camp, they quietly sneak into the camp to kill the terrorist one by one. Suddenly one of the American soldiers accident fired a shot. The terrorist heard the shot and they realized that they are being ambush. Then they return fire and shoot out started between the terrorist and the American soldiers. All of the terrorist were killed. At that time, they didn’t realize that a creature from the other world is watching their gun fight.

The creature was a warrior from another planet who is here to study about earth. This creature is called Predator. While heading back to their helicopter, the American soldier found that their helicopter has been destroyed. They notice that their pilot is dead hanging on a tree. They were surprise to see the corpse skinless.

While investigating the corpse, they found large animal like foot print around the tree. One of the soldiers saw a movement among the trees and open fire. All the soldiers fired at the same direction. The action make a predator mad and kill all the American soldier using a gun laser that can through any object in front of it including trees. Only one of them has survived. Their commandos.

He can do anything without his army, set up many kind of trap to take down the predator. But not all trapped. The predator too strong for a him to fight. Then he tricks the predator to his last trap, and it’s done. A commando slowly walks to the trapped predator. He thought the predator was dead, but it isn’t. The predator laugh alike mankind because set up for destroy itself. A commando runs as far as he can to save his life. One of a big explosion destroyed about 10 miles. Then commandos save by a helicopter which is can see the explosion. He back to the base in full damage at his body.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Entry 2: She out of my league

Do you make someone like angel to fall in love with you like magic? It is impossible right? Because we do not have any cupid for help us to make someone able to love us. We can get someone like an angel if we use something worse thing. Example like black magic or witch. For me its difficult make someone likes me. More difficult, how do we know if someone fell with me. Too difficult, how do I tell her I have fallen with her? But if you know she has a boyfriend, exactly you want to kill yourselves. Jump from the bridge into the river.

The story beginning when I at college for the first day. I have met someone at college. She the most beautiful girl I have met. Maybe she is an angel from the god gift to me. She has a beautiful eye, sexy and sweet. After that I commented to the girl. But she was silence. In the same time I see her name on tag properly. Now I know what her name is.

After a few days I have see her again in the library. Still beautiful like the last day I’ve meet her. But today I see her so lonely. Then I try to close with her. I ask her why do you looking so lonely. Then she said she waiting for someone in a ripple sound. It is her boyfriend? In my mid say no way. Then I try to ask her everything about her. She is rich because her father is CEO at Sapura Holding. Depend on her dress up, it show she use the branded cloths. She older than me. She has a good social life. If she comparison with me, I like an ant in her mind.

Sound like a perfect life on her. But I won’t ever ask her out on date because she out of my league. She has a good life and style. Her status very great. I thing better I go away from her.

The conclusion of this story is tried to find some is more suitable with our status. In a million beautiful woman in the world no woman ever out of my league. I can improve that average with experience, and by developing real confidence in myself.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Entry 1: Expactation in "Academic Writing in English" class.

English is a great language in the world. This language have used by many people on earth. No wonder it be a mainly language in the world. Now, too many people are talking in English for example at the supermarket, cinemas, boutique, restaurant and etc. As well as we know, English is providing in primary school mathematics and science subject. It will be continue until form five. This is government suggestion to help students to communicate and have a confident to speak in English.

In this essay, I need to story about my expectation in Academic Writing in English class at International University College Twintech Technology. I have to write about my friend, lecturer and college expectation.

Our first expectation is to get the highest mark in this subject. For us this subject very important because English will be use in everywhere in this world. Our entire subject also is in English. If we have a good English, we also can good in another subject because we will understand what we have learn in Technology A, Analytic Method, Science Material and IT General. This is proving why English is very important.

In this semester, our lecturer is Ms. Fatihah. She have any ideas to make our class happening. Example like last week, she makes some activity in class. The activity has been challenge students confident level to speak in English. Infect, this activity gives extra confident to communicate each other.
In our class have many student from Institusi Kemahiran Mara. All of the student have take certificate and want to continue study at college to upgrade their education level. But some student just think English is difficult and waste time to study. This perception is the worse because they don’t think English can help them in future.

Inside our colleges have too many foreigner students. Exactly, all of them are talking in English. If there want to ask something to us, we should talking in English to answer them. So we must study to repair our English.

Conclusion of this essay is English the most important language. English can help us to travel anywhere we want. English knowledge is easier to us watching movie and understand the words in western music. Academic Writing in English is good class to join because the class is very good and nice well.