Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Entry 1: Expactation in "Academic Writing in English" class.

English is a great language in the world. This language have used by many people on earth. No wonder it be a mainly language in the world. Now, too many people are talking in English for example at the supermarket, cinemas, boutique, restaurant and etc. As well as we know, English is providing in primary school mathematics and science subject. It will be continue until form five. This is government suggestion to help students to communicate and have a confident to speak in English.

In this essay, I need to story about my expectation in Academic Writing in English class at International University College Twintech Technology. I have to write about my friend, lecturer and college expectation.

Our first expectation is to get the highest mark in this subject. For us this subject very important because English will be use in everywhere in this world. Our entire subject also is in English. If we have a good English, we also can good in another subject because we will understand what we have learn in Technology A, Analytic Method, Science Material and IT General. This is proving why English is very important.

In this semester, our lecturer is Ms. Fatihah. She have any ideas to make our class happening. Example like last week, she makes some activity in class. The activity has been challenge students confident level to speak in English. Infect, this activity gives extra confident to communicate each other.
In our class have many student from Institusi Kemahiran Mara. All of the student have take certificate and want to continue study at college to upgrade their education level. But some student just think English is difficult and waste time to study. This perception is the worse because they don’t think English can help them in future.

Inside our colleges have too many foreigner students. Exactly, all of them are talking in English. If there want to ask something to us, we should talking in English to answer them. So we must study to repair our English.

Conclusion of this essay is English the most important language. English can help us to travel anywhere we want. English knowledge is easier to us watching movie and understand the words in western music. Academic Writing in English is good class to join because the class is very good and nice well.

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