Thursday, 1 April 2010

Entry 2: She out of my league

Do you make someone like angel to fall in love with you like magic? It is impossible right? Because we do not have any cupid for help us to make someone able to love us. We can get someone like an angel if we use something worse thing. Example like black magic or witch. For me its difficult make someone likes me. More difficult, how do we know if someone fell with me. Too difficult, how do I tell her I have fallen with her? But if you know she has a boyfriend, exactly you want to kill yourselves. Jump from the bridge into the river.

The story beginning when I at college for the first day. I have met someone at college. She the most beautiful girl I have met. Maybe she is an angel from the god gift to me. She has a beautiful eye, sexy and sweet. After that I commented to the girl. But she was silence. In the same time I see her name on tag properly. Now I know what her name is.

After a few days I have see her again in the library. Still beautiful like the last day I’ve meet her. But today I see her so lonely. Then I try to close with her. I ask her why do you looking so lonely. Then she said she waiting for someone in a ripple sound. It is her boyfriend? In my mid say no way. Then I try to ask her everything about her. She is rich because her father is CEO at Sapura Holding. Depend on her dress up, it show she use the branded cloths. She older than me. She has a good social life. If she comparison with me, I like an ant in her mind.

Sound like a perfect life on her. But I won’t ever ask her out on date because she out of my league. She has a good life and style. Her status very great. I thing better I go away from her.

The conclusion of this story is tried to find some is more suitable with our status. In a million beautiful woman in the world no woman ever out of my league. I can improve that average with experience, and by developing real confidence in myself.


  1. i have write a new essay. Sorry for my mistake.

  2. hanafiah, it's "i have written a new essay" not "i have write a new essay". well, this essay is much better. it seems original. well done. by the way, who's d gal??

  3. thx 4 the correction..
    maybe u is that girl huhuu~

  4. i do not want banana to fruities two time