Monday, 19 April 2010

Entry 3: Movie Review

This story is about a battalion of American soldier to take down a group of communist who terrorized at a village in Vietnam. They track the terrorist through the jungle. When they found the terrorist camp, they quietly sneak into the camp to kill the terrorist one by one. Suddenly one of the American soldiers accident fired a shot. The terrorist heard the shot and they realized that they are being ambush. Then they return fire and shoot out started between the terrorist and the American soldiers. All of the terrorist were killed. At that time, they didn’t realize that a creature from the other world is watching their gun fight.

The creature was a warrior from another planet who is here to study about earth. This creature is called Predator. While heading back to their helicopter, the American soldier found that their helicopter has been destroyed. They notice that their pilot is dead hanging on a tree. They were surprise to see the corpse skinless.

While investigating the corpse, they found large animal like foot print around the tree. One of the soldiers saw a movement among the trees and open fire. All the soldiers fired at the same direction. The action make a predator mad and kill all the American soldier using a gun laser that can through any object in front of it including trees. Only one of them has survived. Their commandos.

He can do anything without his army, set up many kind of trap to take down the predator. But not all trapped. The predator too strong for a him to fight. Then he tricks the predator to his last trap, and it’s done. A commando slowly walks to the trapped predator. He thought the predator was dead, but it isn’t. The predator laugh alike mankind because set up for destroy itself. A commando runs as far as he can to save his life. One of a big explosion destroyed about 10 miles. Then commandos save by a helicopter which is can see the explosion. He back to the base in full damage at his body.

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